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Facebook account may be closed!


There is a lot of criticism about the social media Facebook. The debate is going on in the country.

Many countries have started thinking of making an alternative to this medium. Many countries are trying to pull the reins. Because Facebook is working as a means of creating instability in society on various issues.

In the face of global pressure, Facebook is seeking to tighten its security. They are also focusing on protecting user privacy. Facebook has launched a new feature as part of it. Many have received emails to launch the feature called ‘Facebook Protect’. According to the mail, if the feature is not activated by October 28, the account may be closed.

Other reasons why a Facebook account can be shut down include using a fake name on Facebook, opening an account in someone else’s identity, posting something illegal, violating the ‘Community Standards’ or harassing someone.

It has been introduced for the added security of Facebook users. So we have to launch Protect by today.

Facebook Protect Key

Facebook’s website says about Facebook Protect, they have created a new feature to give extra security to several accounts, it has been named ‘Facebook Protect’. It is a voluntary program that will give additional protection to the accounts of election candidates, their campaigns, and elected representatives.

Initially, the program was created to protect the Facebook and Instagram accounts of candidates in the United States and Germany during the election. It was later introduced in Canada. This time it will be supplied to other countries of the world.

The authorities said that the update in this regard will also be informed through Facebook.

What is Facebook saying about the new feature

Facebook has explained how to add it. When the feature was launched, these explanations have been informed by Facebook. That being said, your account is likely to reach many. That’s why you need strong security. Facebook has created this security program to protect all the accounts like your account. Facebook Protect will be fully launched later with details about the program.

Facebook, meanwhile, says it has already introduced improved security for logins. Facebook is not sending this message to everyone. Facebook is sending such messages to those whose IDs are thought to be under threat.

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